I Lost My Summer, I Gained So Much More.

That’s about all there is to it. 

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all things are new.

well, mostly.

surroundings are new. the people, the landscape, the university system.

but i’m still me. 

i don’t have too many words for life right now, it’s too soon. 

stuff, and things.
reward systems.

silly idea, right?

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Well, I owe the current city I live in $88 from parking citations. But my stepdaddy will help me cover it so I don’t come back to visit in six months and end up having to retrieve my car from the impound. 

surprises in money-making.

aka i get to babysit tonight.

know where that money will go? with the twenty i got from mom in my secret hiding place that is my tattoo fund. if i put it in my account it will get spent on other things. but i actually really have plans to get my finger tattoos and hopefully one calf piece before i leave savannah, so when i come back in the fall i’ll get the other one too! 

the best of times, the worst of times.
happy monday.
it’s one of those seasons…

where i am seriously sad over how little time i have left here to live in georgia, but have an ache to be home and a part of the lives of my friends and family there.

then again, it’s not like when i move back home it will be anything like high school was.